Life of Tibetans refugees in Nepal

Nepal and Tibet have enjoyed a close relationship in terms of economic, diplomatic and cultural exchanges in the past times. Both of them also have assigned various treaties as well so as to make their relations even better. The first ever official relations of Tibet with Nepal came into existence in the seventh century when the king of Tibet Songtsen Gampo married the Nepalese princess Bhrikuti. Putting their past relations under consideration the government of Nepal has granted permission to get settled them into their country. The government has granted political refugee status to all of those citizens who have left their country under some compulsion. Nepal is one of the best supporters of Tibetans refugees without taking the geographically small area and limited resources under considerations. These are some of the factors which are even appreciated by the world community as well. You can find most of the refugee Tibetans in Nepal Pokhara.

Nepal is being the home of a large number of Tibetans from more than 50 years; where the people of Tibet being always grateful and indebted to the Nepalese Government and the people for the help and kindness they have shown towards them. In May 1960 the government of Tibet establishes the Kathmandu Tibetan Welfare office; a branch of Tibetan Ministry of Home Affairs at Kathmandu. The Nepalese Government also provided land for the first caseload of Tibetan refugees in the same year. The same caseload included four temporary settlements including Chialsa; Tashi Palkhiel, Dhorpatan, Jawalakhel previously which are now enhanced more. Boudha, Swayambunath, Jorpati, Tashi-Ling, Paljorling & Japaling, Chairok, Shabrusand Lumbini are one of those land caseloads which are now added to the list more.

The list of Tibetans in Nepal Pokhara is really very long and still includes an untouched and full of the traditional cultural area. If you are willing to get in brief about the various concepts associated with the Tibetan culture including, their lifestyle, monasteries, Buddha and much more; it is one of the best places you surely need to visit. The total number of Tibetan refugees currently living in Nepal is really very large, but it was supposed to be 20,000 when arrived in 1959 during the initial conflict. Nepal is the second largest home of Tibetan refugees after India. The entire governance of Tibet is being ruled from Dharamshala; a small hill station of India. As per a survey conducted by Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamshala the estimated population of Tibetan Refugees in Nepal was 13,500.

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